Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 rides again with its eighth episode of the year, “Ablation,” as Jax investigates the attempt on his life, putting him at odds with both Clay and Frankie Diamonds, while Gemma struggles to atone for her actions and Juice reveals a secret to Clay.

Last week’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’ episode “Toad's Wild Ride” saw Jax uncovering the source of the home invasions and placing Unser in a deadly situation, while the club tracked a con man (‘Community‘s Joel McHale) that ripped off Gemma.  So how does “Ablation”  keep things running?  What more damage can season 5 of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ do?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 episode 8, “Ablation!”

At the scene of the accident, EMTs wake Gemma, who screams at the first sight of Abel on a stretcher.  Meanwhile, Jax and the others load their deceased shooter into the trunk, while Tara waits in the car.  Elsewhere still, Clay rides home to find Juice waiting, who brings him up to speed that someone went after Jax and that Gemma’s been in an accident.

At the cabin, Jax explains to Tara what happened, and instructs her to wait in the bedroom while they dispose of the body.  The Sons don’t notice any particular gang tattoos, as Jax chops one of the body’s hands off to be identified through Unser, and the other to Pope to test his culpability.  Just as the club figures Jax’s plan, Tara emerges from the bedroom having heard of what happened to Gemma and the boys.

While Jax and Tara oversee Abel’s surgery, Gemma awakes to find Clay assuring her the boys are alright.  As the Sons all arrive to be brought up to speed, Jax waits for his mother to awaken before Unser arrives with the identity of the shooter, a man names Charles Turner, free of any ties to Damon Pope.  Next, Jax pays a visit to Gemma, though Clay covers up the accident by saying the same van ran her and the boys off the road, not wanting Jax to hate her as well.

Roosevelt next arrives as Clay apologizes for his wife on behalf of the Sons, but Roosevelt wants only to speak to Juice.  Juice denies knowing anything more than the club told him about Frankie diamonds, but Roosevelt threateningly points out that Clay is bound to have suspicions what kind of conversation the pair might be having.  The Sons next meet Pope at his train yard, who delivers the same information about Charles Turner, and has the Niners point out where they might find his accomplice.

Meanwhile back at the hospital, Gemma confesses to Nero that she was stoned when she drove the boys, and he advises her to come clean as early as possible.  Clay arrives, escorting Nero outside and insisting that his relationship with Gemma is over.  Elsewhere, the Sons roll through a seedy neighborhood to find the second shooter, who immediately opens fire and finds himself chased to the nearest rooftop.  Cornered, the man admits to staging the assault on Jax, but denies going after his family.  Uncertain what to do with this news, Jax coldly shoots the man through the stomach, and drops him off the roof.

Back at the clubhouse, Clay confronts Juice about his conversation with Roosevelt, as the young man buckles under the pressure and comes clean about everything from his black father, to RICO, to killing Miles to protect himself.  In turn, Clay admits to being behind the Nomad strikes, and assures Juice they’re bonded now, no different from the other SAMCRO members with secrets that would otherwise get them kicked out.

Jax gets called away from another conversation with Gemma to the Diosa National headquarters, where he finds Frankie Diamonds holding Nero and Lyla hostage.  Reluctantly, Nero offers up his savings to Frankie, who reveals that Clay was behind the home invasions, and also denies knowledge of Gemma’s attack.  With money in hand, Frankie shoots Lyla in the leg and takes Chibs hostage to make his getaway.  Afterward, Nero wants out of the partnership with Jax, revealing in a heated moment that Gemma wasn’t run off the road, to which Jax dismisses her and leaves her as Nero’s problem from now on.

Jax goes to see Gemma at the hospital, allowing her to confess to him and Tara, before Tara swiftly takes a swing at her and denies her access to their family ever again.  Meanwhile, Chibs drives Frankie to meet his escape ride, but Frankie shies away from killing Chibs and knocks him out instead.

Jax and Bobby return to the clubhouse, as Jax advises to stay quiet about Clay for now, until they can bring some proof of his misdeeds before the club.  Roosevelt shows up as well, revealing that his wife was pregnant when she died, and offering up the identity of a rat at his table if the club delivers Frankie Diamonds directly to him. Later that night, Jax shares his suspicions of Clay with Tara, adding that she might not like his plan to find out the truth.

Jax pays a visit to Clay first, explaining that he knows the truth about Gemma’s accident but insists that his father-in-law stay close to her now that Tara cut the woman out of their family.  Next, Jax visits Gemma, laying out that if she wants to fix the damage she’s caused, she needs to get back together with Clay convincingly enough for him to let slip his dirty secrets.

Now that Clay seems to be back to full strength, and will soon have Gemma by his side once more, it certainly seems like there are any number of ways 'Sons of Anarchy' season 5 can progress from here.  Certainly things don't look good for Gemma, but we imagine the inevitable return of the Nomads will complicate everything.  We'd certainly keep an eye on Juice as well, placed in yet another compromising situation, one Roosevelt won't hesitate to exploit.  It's a fine hour tonight, but nothing quite so Earth-shattering.

Did you get your fill of road-rashing ‘Sons of Anarchy’ drama?  What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for another all-new ‘Sons of Anarchy’ episode recap of “Andare Pescare” on FX!