Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 roars out a its second episode of the year “One One Six,” as Jax and Nero take steps to avoid police learning their guns caused a school shooting, while Clay prepares to turn on SAMCRO from behind bars and Tara makes changes after her release from prison.

Last week’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’ premiere “Straw” saw Jax working to take SAMCRO in a more legitimate direction, while Tara and Clay struggled behind bars, and an unexpected calamity brought even more madness and death on the club’s shoulders, so how does “One One Six” keep the season rolling?  Will ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 finally mark the end for SAMCRO?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 episode 2, “One One Six!”

While Bobby continues his Nevada ride with Quinn, Nero and Gemma find their morning interrupted by the frantic arrival of Nero’s cousin Arcadio (Dave Navarro), who reveals that the school shooter was his girlfriend’s son Matthew, using one of Arcadio’s guns. Elsewhere, Lee Toric pays a visit to Clay to deliver papers of his decision to turn informant, but Clay insists on Jax and Gemma visiting first so he can twist the knife in person.

Gemma offers Nero the club’s help in smuggling Arcadio’s girlfriend Darvany away from the police, while Tara gives her latest instructions to Lowen, and tersely finds Jax waiting outside the police station to take her home, before the two depart together in silence. By the time Tara returns home to see the kids however, Gemma has already arrived to tell Jax Nero will soon drop by with news of their involvement with the school shooting. Jax pulls Tara aside to discuss it, swearing RICO to be dead and the club ties with guns as well, though he feels stepping away entirely would devalue Opie’s sacrifice to SAMCRO. Nero arrives next, warning that Arcadio’s old lady has a heroin problem that could complicate their extraction, as Gemma receives a call about Clay’s visitation request.

While Bobby meets with yet another wayward Son ('Shameless' star Steve Howey) to discuss forming a new group, Gemma assures Tara that she wasn’t the one to turn her in. Elsewhere, Lee Toric oversees the heated arguments about responsibility for the school shooting, before approaching DA Patterson (CCH Pounder) with an offer to help turn the blame on SAMCRO for the crime. Meanwhile, the Sons manage to sneak into Arcadio’s home under the nose of the police, smuggling out the shooter’s panicked mother Darvany after she shoots up heroin.

Gemma reluctantly meets with Clay in prison, listening as Clay admits the guilt of his past actions, swearing unconditional love for Gemma even after her betrayal. Gemma continually denies that she lied in helping to frame him, as Clay works to assure her that nothing about what will soon come can land on her. Gemma breaks down in the bathroom afterward, before Toric confronts her outside and reveals his involvement in helping to turn Clay.

Jax meets with the Irish to begin the process of moving SAMCRO out of guns, but Galen doubts the story that Clay committed a sloppy murder so soon after making plans to become the gunrunner replacing SAMCRO. Jax insists on leaving the gun business behind, but Galen only agrees to consider the request if they double the Irish business with another charter, and move a surplus of KG-9’s, despite the weapon’s national attention for use in the school shooting. Jax accepts, delaying shipments despite Chibs’ concerns about the business being a matter for the club table.

After asking for a pregnancy test from Margaret at the hospital, Tara and Lowen discuss filing divorce papers for her and Jax, as well as agreements that would put the children in Wendy’s custody should something happen to Tara in prison. Elsewhere, Arcadio and Darvany gripe about being relocated to the SAMCRO cabin, given Darvany believes they’ll kill her to prevent identifying her son’s gun to police. Outside, Gemma tells Jax of her belief that Clay might have made a deal with Toric, before the sound of gunshots from inside interrupts. Having taken a hunting rifle, Darvany attempts to flee, giving Arcadio no choice but to go along, but Nero shoots his cousin down before they can escape. Jax catches Darvany, but relents when Nero begs to spare her life.

Toric eventually forges Clay’s signature on the affidavit, curiously straining to maintain use of his hands, before presenting the files to DA Patterson for their case. Patterson rejects the document, believing her office can come up with something more binding to take down SAMCRO as she expresses her reluctance to work with someone notorious like Toric, even if the win advances her career. Back at the cabin Jax keeps Darvany restrained to a bed, before Juice agrees to administer heroin to even her out. Once alone with Darvany however, Juice smothers the tripping woman, apparently on Jax’s orders.

While Toric pays a visit to Diosa and gives his motel address to one of the working girls, Gemma and the others find Darvany’s dead body in the room, somewhat buying Jax’s explanation that she must have taken additional drugs apart from the heroin they allowed her. Nero pulls Jax aside, admitting that his cousin deserved to die for betraying him, but that Darvany had two other children to live for. Asked point blank if he made the call to kill Darvany, Jax insists the death must have been an accident.

With Clay in protective custody for another day as he waits to meet with Jax, Bobby counts Nevada biker Hopper among his new recruits. Following Arcadio and Darvany’s woodland burial, Jax returns home to Tara for a little love, though neither seem to enjoy it very well.

After the ultra-violence of last week's premiere ruffled many a feather among activist groups, it seems as if it's back to business for 'Sons of Anarchy.' Nothing much in the way of brutality outside the norm for the FX biker drama, assuming the suffocation of the school shooter's mother and Nero's murder of his cousin doesn't bother you. We might go as far as to suggest that the series largely treats last week's shooting as a mere nuisance for the club, though we understand the decision not to linger on the more immediate after-effects, instead focusing the grief through simple, tasteful moments of Jax cherishing his own children's presence.

At the very least, we gain a bit further insight into Lee Toric, observing the retired marshal to have some kind of physiological condition outside of his villainous neuroses and clear heroin addition. So too are we introduced to several other potential figures to loom over the season, including CCH Pounder's driven DA character and Bobby's new Nomad recruit Hopper, though neither are given much color in tonight's episode. Bobby's through-line seems to suffer the most in the inaugural two hours, accomplishing little more than adding names to his list for a story we can't yet see mile markers for.

We're interested to see the divide between Nero and Jax continue to widen however, as the elder gang leader makes clear his disdain for Jax's quick decision-making. It also remains to be seen where Gemma might land within that conflict, especially now that Clay seems to have maintained his ability to reach her even from behind bars. An entertaining hour to follow last week's controversial premiere, though not one of much intrigue or development.

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