It only took 2 years, but it looks like FX's 'Terriers' is finally getting the reunion it deserved (sort of).  On the heels of 'Sons of Anarchy's' big casting announcement yesterday that rocker Dave Navarro would guest on the final episodes of the current season, we've now learned that Donal Logue will appear in the back episodes as well.  But who could the former 'Terriers' star be playing, and will he interact with former co-star Rockmond Dunbar?

Fans of FX's 'Terriers' still distraught by its premature cancellation two years ago are in for a bit of a treat, as Entertainment Weekly has announced that Donal Logue will return to FX to make his way through the final episodes of 'Sons of Anarchy' season 5.  Appearing in the final three installments, Logue will play "brilliant and dangerous" U.S. Marshal Lee Toric, who is forced into retirement because of his history of violence.

It remains unknown if Logue will share any scenes with his former 'Terrier's co-star Rockmond Dunbar, who recurs on the series as the stalwart (and recently-devastated) Charming Sheriff Eli Roosevelt.  Logue joins the impressive casting weighting the final episodes of the FX biker drama's fifth season, which was recently announced to include Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, and prior to that real-life Hells' Angel Rusty Coones.

“Lucky 2B part of amazing finish on this season’s Sons of Anarchy, @sutterink pushing TV boundaries-shockingly awesome stuff coming down pike,” Logue tweets.  You can check out a picture of Logue below in character as Toric, and tell us how you think the current season of 'Sons of Anarchy' will end in the comments!

FX / Entertainment Weekly