And so, yet another year has come to pass in Charming and 'Sons of Anarchy' has lain to rest its fifth season. Requiem, and terra pax, and so forth. But given the heartbreaking conclusion of last night's 'Sons of Anarchy' season 5 finale "J'ai Obtenu Cette," is there any hope on the horizon for SAMCRO? Will either of last night's casualties be able to survive in prison, let alone with the targets painted on their backs? Will Jimmy Smits or Donal Logue return? Answers to these burning questions, and new season 6 teases inside!

Tig's life spared, Big Otto losing yet another body part, and both Clay and Tara headed off to jail made for quite a cap to this season's 'Sons of Anarchy' madness, but where's it all going? Following last night's finale "J'ai Obtenu Cette," series creator and "Big Otto" himself Kurt Sutter proved his own tongue in perfect health by dishing on some of the various lingering mysteries of the season, and where a sixth season could take SAMCRO.

Perhaps the biggest mystery of all lies in Tara's arrest, who prior to that moment had been implied to be free of all charges. Sutter clarified that while it was certainly his intent to have viewers point a finger at Gemma based on her earlier threats, the blame could also rest with a vengeful Lee Toric (Donal Logue), or another party altogether.

As for Donal Logue himself, the actor will appear in 6-8 episodes of 'Sons of Anarchy' season 6, having been signed for ten overall. Less certain is the involvement of Jimmy Smits' Nero Padilla and Billy Brown's August Marks, for whom Sutter certainly left the door open, but acknowledging that both actors have otherwise busy schedules.

Don't expect a major time jump for season 6 either, as Sutter claims the next batch of episodes would likely open a few weeks ahead in the story, the weight of the events still fresh. Ron Perlman's Clay Morrow will certainly still be around as well, despite the price on his head. Much of Clay's season 6 arc will see the disgraced SAMCRO president coming to terms with being betrayed, and ultimately "doomed," though he isn't likely to meet his maker early in the season.

Well, what say you? Did "J'ai Obtenu Cette" (French for Opie's last words "I got this") wrap up season 5 satisfactorily? What are you most looking forward to seeing in 'Sons of Anarchy' season 6? Give us your finale thoughts in the comments!

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