Millennials: Is there nothing we can't do? We got denim jackets back in fashion, forced a new season of Twin Peaks into existence, and peer-pressured LeBron James into signing on for a remake of Space Jam in the Michael Jordan role. Whether these are good or bad things is very much up for debate, but the matter stands that mid-’90s nostalgia has been a powerful motivating force in recent entertainment business. And now, the millennials of America have staged their greatest coup of all: the original Space Jam is coming back to theaters next month, notes The Hollywood Reporter.

Everybody, get up. It’s time to slam now. We’ve got a real jam going down. Welcome — TO THE SPACE JAM.

After twenty years, the 1996 live-action/animation hybrid has maintained a strong hold over viewers of a certain age (say, 16 to 34?) with its anarchic Looney Tunes sense of humor and ultra-fresh b-ball moves. Now, that landmark anniversary will get a full commemoration via showings on November 13 at 2PM and 6PM, and November 16 at 7 p.m. The limited run, organized by Fathom Events, will revive the story of the galactic showdown between roided-out gremlins The Monstars and our heroes, a ragtag band comprised of Tex Avery’s cartoon creations and real-life NBA stars Jordan and Charles Barkley. Also, for good measure, Bill Murray’s in the movie.

There’s no underestimating the power of ’90s throwbacks to get crowds moving in herds to cineplexes; recent re-releases of Titanic and Beauty and the Beast have done impressive business, for movies that came out twenty years ago. The time to slam is now.

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