Though it hasn't released a teaser or poster (in fact it's only released three frames) 'Star Trek Into Darkness' is one of next summer's biggest blockbuster events, and to get audiences excited J.J. Abrams' latest will screen the nine minute opening of the film on Imax screens starting December 14. Which is the day 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' opens. Which means 'Star Trek' is going to make 'The Hobbit' that much longer.

This was just announced on Deadline, and it makes sense. If you'll recall last December, Paramount's 'Mission : Impossible - Ghost Protocol' came with a five minute preview of Warner Brothers 'The Dark Knight Rises' before it, and it looks like this is the trade-off for that.

This is much longer than the 'Dark Knight' preview, though and will likely be all Imax footage (on top of being in 3D). It also points out that we are likely to see the film's first trailer sometime at the start of December. And in terms of demographics this is a win-win. 'The Hobbit' is coming after a well loved and successful trilogy, but it's hard to find anyone (outside of the die-hards) all that excited about it. Unfortunately, this is bad news for people with weak bladders hoping to make it through 'The Hobbit's near-three hour running time without taking a break.