There were rumors a few weeks back that 'Star Wars: Episode 7' could have a female lead and now we know where those rumors came from. It turns out director Matthew Vaughn did meet with Lucasfilm about directing 'Star Wars' and he had a very specific idea on who he wanted to star in his version of 'Star Wars: Episode 7' - Chloe Grace Moretz.

According to Slashfilm, J.J. Abrams was the second director Lucasfilm met with about directing 'Star Wars: Episode 7' after only Steven Spielberg. When Abrams hesitated because of his commitment to 'Star Trek,' Lucasfilm heads met with Vaughn ('X-Men: First Class') who came in with a detailed pitch on what he wanted to do with the 'Star Wars' universe. Namely, a female lead that would have been played by Chloe Moretz.

Whether Vaughn knew that writer Michael Arndt was already planning a female lead or this was an idea Vaughn himself cooked up is unknown. Vaughn worked with Moretz on 'Kick-Ass' and presumably thought enough of her to pin his hopes on getting the 'Star Wars' job on the concept of Moretz starring.

There's no evidence to suggest that Vaughn's pitch of Moretz as the lead had any impact on him not getting the job. In fact, Slashfilm adds that Spielberg continued to push his friend George Lucas to not give up on Abrams, who all parties felt was the best man for the job. Vaughn may have had an impressive pitch and may have been a solid Plan B, but Lucasfilm wasn't about to give up on Plan A and aggressively went after Abrams.

So what do you think about the idea of Chloe Moretz as the star of a 'Star Wars' film? What's more, what do you think about the idea of a 'Star Wars' film with a female lead? It's something we mentioned last night as one of the reasons why we think having J.J. Abrams as director is a good thing - do you agree?