We still know next-to-nothing about 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' but with a production this massive and anticipated, the rumor mill never stops churning. The next batch of information about J.J. Abrams' top secret sequel concerns the identity of certain characters, information about a few key locations, and the possible disfigurement of everyone's favorite Wookiee. Although everything written below is unconfirmed until we see the movie with our own eyes, consider this your spoiler warning. Read on with caution!

The scoops come via Badass Digest, which has been a consistent source of information about the film for the past few months. They were the first outlet to bring us the report that 'Star Wars: Episode 7' would open with Luke Skywalker's lost lightsaber falling onto a desert planet, so it's only appropriate their first tidbit deals with what happens after that opening. In fact, it directly involves Daisy Ridley and Max von Sydow's still-mysterious characters:

Remember that I told you the movie begins with the discovery of the lightsaber? Well, it isn't Daisy Ridley who discovers it but rather a blue alien guy. He brings it to a salvage yard where Kira - that seems to be what Ridley's character's name is, or at least what they're calling her on set - sees it. She's hanging out there with von Sydow, who is an old cyborg dude, a guy who maybe has dementia. He talks a lot of nonsense. But as soon as that lightsbaber shows up, he gets lucid. He recognizes it. He begins to talk about the old days, name drops a couple of Prequel Trilogy characters, even. And then, after Kira and the alien leave he makes a call to a mysterious figure. "It's here," he says. But who is he calling?

There's a lot of interesting stuff going on there, but the most interesting part of it all is the indication that von Sydow is playing a character who had direct involvement in this saga dating back to the prequel trilogy. We doubt that he's playing a familiar character, but he could serve as the link that ties the new film, the original trilogy and the prequels together in one tidy package. That's really cool. The big, lingering question now is whether he's a good guy, a bad guy or something in between...

The rest of the details are smaller, but no less interesting:

  • Daisy Ridley's character lives in an abandoned AT-AT (you know, the big four-legged vehicles from 'The Empire Strikes Back'), which was knocked over on its side in a battle some time ago.
  • All of those recent set photos that show off a bunch of X-Wings, the Millennium Falcon and a small army of soldiers and pilots? That's supposedly the Massassi Temple on Yavin IV, the setting of the rebel base at the end the first 'Star Wars.'
  • Some Chewbacca concept art shows off Han Solo's constant companion missing an arm, which has been replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis. Other pieces of art show him with both arms intact. What became (or will become) of the universe's most famous Wookiee?

Make sure you hit the link above for more commentary. 'Star Wars: Episode 7' will arrive on December 18, 2015.