Take this for what it's worth: Actor Jason Flemyng, longtime Matthew Vaughn collaborator, may have spilled the beans on who's directing 'Star Wars Episode 7' -- that being Vaughn, obviously. In an interview he seems to take for granted that Vaughn has the job before somewhat backtracking. Are the beans spilled?

This does jibe with some earlier stories that ran (initially floated by Collider) that the reason why Vaughn left 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' so abruptly was because he got the deal to do the first 'Star Wars' film.  And with rumored director Colin Trevorrow ('Safety Not Guaranteed') publicly saying he was pretty much out of the equation, that -- well it proves nothing, but it definitely gives credence to Vaughn being a possible director, though much of the possibles have come across like educated guesses (along the lines of Jon Favreau, or Joe Johnston, neither of which would be surprising).

Watch the video, which comes from HeyUGuys.co.uk, and which we found through The Film Stage. Is Flemyng confirming Vaughn's involvement, or is he just going along with the possibility that Vaughn could do it and would likely give him a very small part? And if it is true, could this cost Vaughn the job? We'll know soon enough. Here's the interview:

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