'Star Wars: Episode 7' has attracted the attention of many actors, from the original cast (who have signed on to return) to even those, like Olivia Munn, who are practically begging for a role. But there's one guy who bold enough to admit he wants no part of the new 'Star Wars' trilogy: Jason Statham.

Total Film went around to a bunch of celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis and asked a pretty simple question: Would you want to star in 'Star Wars: Episode 7.' Most of them, even Ewan McGregor who professed to have no idea how it could actually happen, admitted to being interested or were at least polite enough to feign interest in a 'Star Wars' film. Not Jason Statham.

The actor, who was promoting 'Parker,' an action film he made with Jennifer Lopez, said 'Star Wars' "is very popular and I understand that but it's not my first choice," adding he prefers "true stories" to sci-fi films.

"True stories" like 'The Expendables 2' when he said, "I now pronounce you man...and knife" before throwing knives into two thugs. Or "true stories" like 'Crank: High Voltage" when he hugs a power line transformer, electrocutes himself and then, while on fire, punches the bad guy to death before giving a flaming middle finger to the camera. True stories people.

When asked what role he thinks he would be offered in some theoretical world where J.J. Abrams would want Jason Statham to star in his 'Star Wars' movie, Statham said, "I would guess that it's something stupid."

So...not a fan. But really, this is OK. We like our 'Star Wars' and we like our Jason Statham and, to be honest, would rather keep those worlds separate. Though this has left us wondering what would happen if a Jedi Master stuck a shotgun up a dude's butt...