There was much fanboy rejoicing when is was learned that Lawrence Kasdan was on board to write a new 'Star Wars' spin-off movie and consult on 'Star Wars Episode 7.' After all, this is the man who wrote 'The Empire Strikes Back,' a movie that isn't just the best 'Star Wars' movie, but one of the best science fiction movies ever made. Although the full details of whatever Kasdan is working on (a Yoda movie? Young Han Solo?) are buried in an underground bunker somewhere, he recently spoke about his involvement in the new films.

The LA Times caught up with the prolific Kasdan (who also wrote classics like 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' and 'Body Heat') and got him to share his basic vision for his top secret project. His words should be music to the ears of 'Star Wars' fans everywhere:

“I’m trying to start fresh...There are certain pleasures that we think the saga can bring to people that they’ve been missing, and we’re hoping to bring them that, and at the same time, have them feel that it’s all new.”

That sounds like a not-so-quiet acknowledgment that the prequel trilogy was lacking and that everyone is aware of it. Knowing what didn't work in episodes one, two and three is just as important as knowing what worked in the original trilogy if the new films are going to be up to par. Still, Kasdan mentions that it was 'Star Wars' creator and figure of great geek controversy George Lucas who initially brought him on board the new films:

“George sort of brought me into this part of it, and he’s stepping back from the company...He’s sort of given his blessing to everybody, and he’ll be there if you need him. I think everyone’s interested to see where this can go. It’s been some very different places over 30 years...I think with J.J., we’ll get something entirely new.”

Finally, Kasdan got into the nitty gritty of why the first three 'Star Wars' films are so beloved and why 'The Empire Strikes Back' is valued above all others. It really feels like his corner of the future 'Star Wars' universe is in good hands:

“The ones I worked on were a long time ago, and they had a slightly different feeling than the ones that followed...The first three, ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Empire’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’ are all sort of more about people than the ones that followed. ‘Empire’ appeals to people, I think, because it’s the second act of a three-act play, and everything sort of goes to hell during the movie. And when you leave, everyone is in trouble, and that is the best part of the story to write. And people responded to it. Irvin Kershner was a completely different kind of director than George, so the movie’s much darker than the first ‘Star Wars.’ It’s more edgy.”

For more (including which of the 'Star Wars' films is Kasdan's personal favorite), hit the link above!