'Star Wars: Episode 7' will be directed by J.J. Abrams and now that we know this, we can turn our rumor-mongering attention to who is going to star in the film. We've previously heard that Chloe Moretz was pitched for the lead role, which might mean a female Jedi will lead the new trilogy. And one of the female actors who has worked closely with J.J. Abrams over the years - Keri Russell - says she would love to be a part of Abrams' new 'Star Wars' universe.

Russell, now starring in FX's 'The Americans,' got her start on the J.J. Abrams series 'Felicity' and the director later cast her in 'Mission: Impossible 3.' So is it possible he'd find a role for her in 'Star Wars: Episode 7?' Russell herself sure hopes so. TV Line spoke with the actress who said:

I'm waiting for my call. I would do anything for JJ, honestly I would do craft service.

She added that she has a son now and 'Star Wars' is "all he talks about." Russell does bear a sort of weird resemblance to Carrie Fisher circa 'A New Hope' and we think she'd be great in the film but there's one big question: is she too old? At 36, Russell is a good 20 years older than Chloe Moretz, so perhaps the script calls for a younger Jedi to lead the film.

We still think a supporting role for Russell would be a great idea as we think the 'Star Wars' universe could use some more women.

What do you think? Should J.J. Abrams reunite with Keri Russell for 'Star Wars' or should he look elsewhere? What actress do you think would be perfect for a part?