Some weeks back we heard the incredible news that 'Star Wars Rebels' would return James Earl Jones to the voice of Darth Vader, ostensibly a sign of a more involved return to the franchise. Now, you can watch Jones' return to the dulcet tones of Darth for yourself, and ignite a lightsaber at new rumors that suggest some 'Star Wars' favorites will return for 'Rebels' as well!

First and foremost, it seems an offscreen version of Vader's 'Rebels' return has hit the web, featuring the character giving orders to the Inquisitor (Jason Isaacs) on his mission to eliminate any surviving Jedi. It's a brief sequence, one that doesn't add much to the plot of the pilot itself, but just hearing Jones back in the role will give one nostalgic chills.

As if that weren't exciting enough, new rumors from MakingStarWars put two more franchise alum in the mix to lend their voices, including a fan favorite. Sam Witwer (Gaken Marek / Starkiller of 'The Force Unleashed,' Darth Maul from 'The Clone Wars') will supposedly guest on 'Rebels,' along with Andrew Kishino ('Clone Wars' Saw Gerrera), though it isn't known if either actor would lend their voice to a new character, or reprise their past ones.

You can check out James Earl Jones' return as Darth Vader above (while it lasts), as well as our Wookieeleaks collection of all the latest 'Star Wars' news, and tell us what you think in the comments! Has 'Star Wars Rebels' lived up to the franchise thus far?