Star Wars Rebels fans have been wondering if Rogue One might somehow connect with the Disney XD series, or perhaps even slip in some familiar faces, and we may have an answer. The latest Rogue One spot reveals a familiar-looking ship cruising along with the Rebellion, which could be big news for the crew of the Ghost.

Take this with an asteroid field’s worth of salt for the moment, but where Rogue One already established a surprising connection to Star Wars animation with the return of Clone Wars character Saw Gerrera, a brief new promo for the prequel film has fans buzzing. Briefly visible in the lower third of what looks to be a Rebel fleet approaching a Star Destroyer, we see a dead-ringer for a VCX-100 light freighter, the same model as Star Wars Rebels’ “Ghost.”

Star Wars Rogue One Rebels Ghost

And the Rebels version, from behind:

Star Wars Rogue One Rebels Ghost
Lucasfilm / Disney XD

Mind you, the presence of said freighter model in no way confirms that the Ghost, or its crew will factor into Rogue One, though it would seem too specific a design to have been overlooked by VFX and Lucasfilm’s story group. The timing and placement could certainly sync, with Rebels hovering some 3-4 years before the events of the original Star Wars, and Rogue One taking place shortly before the original film.

Not to mention, even a brief, unstated cameo for The Ghost would offer enough to drive Rebels fans wild, without necessarily compromising any of the animated series’ future storylines.

We’ll see what shakes out (don’t bet on Lucasfilm offering any official confirmation just yet), but might Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One have a Ghost in common after all?

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