Star Wars Rebels fans were elated to find their beloved characters and ships ported to live-action for Rogue One; not only for the animated series’ validation, but also a chance to revisit the film from another perspective. Sadly, even as Rebels will close out the series with Season 4, bosses confirm we won’t be going Rogue again.

You’re warned of potential spoilers for the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels from here on out, but even as only Hera, Chopper and The Ghost were incorporated into Rogue One’s climactic battle over Scarif, fans maintain hope that the other characters are alive and well by the time of Jyn Erso’s fateful mission. Supervising producer Dave Filoni even expressed interest in re-telling the events of Rogue One from a Rebels perspective, but now tells /Film that it would detract from their final year:

I don’t think that would be right. It would be to hinge this series end on a battle we’ve already seen the outcome of in a feature film. It would be a little bit repetitious, anticlimactic. I think as an initial impulse it sounds great. But the more you think about it, you go hmmmm I don’t know, it would kind of taper your expectations and the tension would be cut quite a bit. I like our ending. And I love that battle. I think it would be neat to see that battle one day from the Ghost’s perspective because we know the Ghost is there, but we don’t know who is in the Ghost. So that’s kind of a good question that needs to be answered.

Filoni similarly discounted the idea of Season 4 taking us to the doomed city of Jedha, noting “It’s not something I could really play with in this series at this point. We have our own Jedi mysteries that we’ve been wrapping our head around on this show.” Season 4 will at least revisit Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera (now looking, and likely sounding a bit closer to his rewritten role), as well as introduce his Jedha companion Two-Tubes.

It’s understandable of Rebels not to hinge its endgame on a conflict beyond its main characters (to say nothing of Filoni’s cryptic suggestion that General Syndulla no longer pilots The Ghost), though we shouldn’t take a Rogue One abstention as confirmation that Rebels ends before the trip to Scarif. After all, Hera herself apparently survives through Return of the Jedi, leaving ample room to resolve Rebels characters in whatever way Filoni sees fit.

In the meantime, get a taste of the end with the Star Wars Rebels Season 4 trailer below, and stay tuned for the latest.

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