We’re still reeling from the announcement that Star Wars Rebels Season 4 will end the series, but equally excited to catch up with the films. Case in point, creator Dave Filoni promises Hera will become the General Syndulla overheard in Rogue One, as well answering a few mysteries of her place in the films and beyond.

You’re warned of Rogue One and Rebels spoilers from here on out, but fans of the animated series were elated to hear “General Syndulla” called on the intercom during the film, to say nothing of Chopper and The Ghost’s appearances. As of Rebels’ Season 3 finale, Hera had not yet attained the rank, though Filoni told reporters at a Celebration press conference that the final season would indeed grant her said promotion.

Still, it’s worth wondering why Hera was never actually seen onscreen in Rogue One, particularly as such a valued member of the Alliance. Filoni agreed with voice actor Vanessa Marshall that Hera was more likely readying The Ghost to go along with Jyn Erso’s mission to Scarif, rather than wait for the council to debate it:

Yeah, I always thought you weren’t at the briefing with Jyn, because you’d be like ‘Listen to this woman, she knows what she’s talking about! This is a terrible situation!’ So I think that you were probably irritated, because you knew what Jyn wanted to do, and you knew the council wouldn’t listen to her. So, you weren’t at the briefing, and you get called in, and Mon Mothma’s like ‘Okay, calm down … ’

There also remains the question of where the other Ghost crew members might have been, especially as none of the Rebels cast are seen or heard from in the films beyond (well, maybe Rex). Filoni wouldn’t give up any spoilers, but at least pointed out that he gave the Season 4 trailer’s narration to Hera – as opposed to the Jedi – because “If anyone’s going to have a perspective on what they’re all going through in the end, it’s her.” Hera serves as the group “matriarch” that brought them all together, and is perhaps the one to tell their story.

There’s plenty more to come from Star Wars Rebels Season 4 in the coming weeks and months, so check out the first trailer again below, and stay tuned.

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