We’ve already seen one major tie to the extended Star Wars universe resurfacing in this week’s coming Star Wars Rebels Season 2 finale, and a new clip goes a bit back to the future. See that crossguard lightsaber moment teased in earlier trailers, and meet a brand-new Inquisitor in “Twilight of the Apprentice”!

USA Today brought another look at Wednesday’s two-part finale, as Ezra, Kanan and Ahsoka venture to a burnt-out Jedi temple on Malachor, in which all a battle’s participants appear to have been turned to stone. Ezra stumbles across an old crossguard lightsaber, thought the moment is quickly interrupted by the arrival of a brand-new Inquisitor.

Lest we forget, Inquisitors won’t be the only Sorta-Siths to show up during the hour, all of whom may push Ezra a little closer toward the dark side than we’d expect. We’ll see for ourselves this coming Wednesday, but will the answers have to wait until Season 3?

Not only that, but what should we expect from Ahsoka’s final showdown with Darth Vader himself?

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