Before Deadpool even had a chance to obliterate records at the box office over the weekend, Fox had already given the green light for a sequel, while Ryan Reynolds has been teasing the appearance of fellow comic book character Cable in the next film. But who could possibly play the warrior mutant best known from the New Mutants and X-Force? If Avatar star Stephen Lang has his way, it’ll be him.

Deadpool comic book writer and artist Rob Liefeld recently said that his dream pick for Cable would be Jon Hamm, and while that’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility, it doesn’t seem likely that Hamm will be appearing in a superhero film anytime soon (then again, stranger things have happened). Meanwhile, Stephen Lang has started a bit of a campaign to land the role for himself:

He definitely sort of looks the part, we’ll give him that much. And if Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller can get a proper Deadpool movie off the ground with their own persistent campaigning, maybe Lang has a shot. The other obvious choice that comes to mind is Ron Perlman, but even he’s mentioned that he’s getting a bit too old for action work, which is one of the reasons why Hellboy 3 isn’t likely to happen.

Cable was first introduced as the infant offspring of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone) in an issue of Uncanny X-Men. The character was sent to the future and trained as a warrior, making his grown-up debut in The New Mutants before going on to become the leader of X-Force. He’s also famously teamed up with Deadpool in the series Cable & Deadpool.

Reynolds has spoken publicly about his desire to put Cable in a Deadpool sequel, and also revealed that getting the X-Force movie off the ground is a top priority. While we don’t know exactly when Deadpool 2 will hit theaters, the announcement of Cable’s casting can’t be too far off. Will it be Stephen Lang? Or is there someone else you think is better suited for the role?

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