Steve Kloves may sound like a familiar name, but that's only because he's written almost every single 'Harry Potter' movie (he wrote all but the fifth film). Now that the widely successful film franchise has come to an end, Kloves can dedicate his time to other projects that may tickle his fancy, one of those being 'Defending Jacob.'

Variety reports that the writer may be writing and directing the movie version of the novel, written by William Landay. But if that's the case, he'll have to decide which project he'll want to do first; 'Defending Jacob' or a live-action 'Jungle Book' reboot.

'Defending Jacob' focuses on Andy Barber, an assistant district attorney in Massachusetts who's faced with a most disturbing crime: his fourteen-year-old son is charged with the murder of a fellow student. While Andy struggles to try and prove his son's innocence - which he even begins to question after a while - everything from his job to his marriage begins to crumble around him.

It's great to see Steve Kloves get back in the director's chair, especially since the only two movies he's directed are 1989's 'The Fabulous Baker Boys' and then 'Flesh and Bone' in 1993. That's a nearly two-decade directing drought he's been going through, so it's high time he opens the flood gates and this project sounds like the perfect picture to start off with.