Earlier this year, it was announced that the Gone Girl team of David Fincher, author / screenwriter Gillian Flynn and Ben Affleck would be combining their forces once again for a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. The remake would offer a bit of a twist on the original, and it sounded like a very exciting project. You shouldn’t get too excited, though, because according to Flynn it’s going to be a while before this one happens.

Vulture caught up with Flynn recently while the author was promoting Dark Places, the new thriller based on her novel, which features Charlize Theron in the leading role. When asked about the Strangers on the Train remake, Flynn said, “We’re all so overcommitted right now that we’ll see on that one.”

By over-committed, Flynn is referring to the increasingly busy schedules of herself, Fincher and Affleck. Flynn is currently working with Fincher on the upcoming HBO series Utopia, which she describes as “a dark conspiracy thriller based around nerds who find a graphic novel that may or may not be telling bad secrets to the future.” She’s also writing the screenplay for Widows for 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen, based on the acclaimed BBC miniseries by Lynda LaPlante.

As for Fincher, in addition to Utopia, he’s also working on the series Video Synchronicity for HBO, which recently pumped the brakes on shooting to head back to the drawing board. And Affleck continues to stockpile projects — he’s shooting Live by Night this fall before he directs and stars in a solo Batman movie for Warner Bros. Then he’s also got those pesky Justice League commitments.

All of this is to say that it could be several years before these crazy kids get the band back together to work more of their magic.