The Internet Movie Database is a fantastic website. It’s an invaluable, comprehensive resource; I use it almost every day of my life. But the IMDb is also an underrated source of comedy. Almost every film on the site contains what are called “Plot Keywords”—words or phrases that describe motifs, themes, character types, or plot details. Each plot keyword is searchable, so if you wanted a list of, say, every movie where a character gets hit with a hammer, you just need to go to the “Hit With A Hammer” IMDb keyword page. It’s that simple.

IMDb has hundreds of these keywords. Most are pretty generic (“Murder,” “Crying”); a few are clever (“Dream Sequence Within A Dream Sequence,” “Actor Shares First Name With Character”). And some are just ... strange. They’re oddly specific. Or they’re disturbingly sexual. Or they’re specifically sexual in an odd and disturbing way. They’re not useful (because no one—except maybe a pervazoid—really needs to cross-reference every example of a camera focusing on a woman’s butt). But they are funny. In celebration of these singularly bizarre webpages, we have assembled 25 of the weirdest ones into the list you’re about to read. Also: I swear I didn’t make any of these up; you can follow each of the links below for the proof.

And now, without further ado (or jumping from a moving vehicle to another moving vehicle), here are the 25 Strangest IMDb plot keywords:

23. “Dental Torture

14. “Fork In Butt

13. “Armpit Licking

8. “Food In Vagina

5. “Long Tongue

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