There’s plenty of stuff to make fun of in the Fast and Furious franchise. I’m just not sure I want Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the men behind such toxically unfunny spoofs as Epic MovieMeet the Spartans, and The Starving Games, telling the jokes. Nonetheless, here comes Superfast!, Friedberg and Seltzer’s lampoon of the seven Fast films starring Vin Diesel, the late Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, and an inordinate amount of baby oil. (And, yes, there’s a baby oil joke right in the trailer.)

Actually, by the standards of its filmmakers, Superfast! doesn’t look horrible. There’s a couple of moments in the trailer that made me chuckle, and the guys they’ve cast in the Diesel and Walker roles really look their parts. (Although making fun of a beloved actor who passed away young might not be the wisest course of action.) There is a chance, albeit a very small one, that this could be really funny. Like I said, the Fasts give you lots to work with. It’s the filmmakers’ track records, not the material, that’s the cause for concern here. Speaking of which, according to IMDB, Friedberg and Seltzer will next spoof Taken in a film that’s actually called Who the F#@k Took My Daughter? Mel Brooks would roll in his grave if he wasn’t still alive.