'Supernatural' season 8 continues diverting between Sam and Dean Winchester's respective years away from the job, between Dean's time in Purgatory making new friends, and Sam's idyllic life doing the same with the otherwise-normal Amelia. Last night's "Hunter Heroici" saw Sam dipping back into his memories once more, but next week's "Citizen Fang" is all about vampire Benny, now that Sam has word his brother's Purgatory friend has begun killing once more. Judging by the latest clip, will one of them need to take Benny down?

For the longest time we believed the Winchester brothers could never make nice with the 'Supernatural,' but season 8 has proven us wrong with Deans' blood bond to his vampire pal Benny. Next week's "Citizen Fang" could put that bond to the test, however, as Sam's side-investigation reveals a series of grizzly attacks in Benny's neighborhood, leading Dean to wonder if his Purgatory pal might have resumed his vampiric ways.

The first official clip from "Citizen Fang" sees Sam enlisting help from a somewhat unreliable source to find info on Benny, though even Dean can't deny the suspicious-sounding nature of the attacks. Nine episodes into the season, might Dean finally have to get his hands bloody and put Benny down, or will cooler heads prevail?

Check out the all-new clip from next Wednesday's 'Supernatural' thriller "Citizen Fang," and give us your predictions for Dean, Benny and Sam in the comments!