A few weeks ago, 'Supernatural' dipped into its past for a surprising return of Jim Beaver's Bobby Singer, but as the current eighth season prepares to head into its final run, we've learned that the long-running CW drama will reach back much further for a guest starring role. Not seen since season 1, Taylor Cole's love interest character Sarah Blake will return in an upcoming episode, but what took so long to have the character return? Find out about 'Supernatural's season 8 endgame inside!

'Supernatural' has only four episodes remaining in its eighth season, the next of which 'Pac-Man Fever' will see geek goddess Felicia Day reprising her role as Charlie Bradbury, while the immediate follow-up "The Great Escapist," will see 'Revenge of the Nerds' star Curtis Armstrong introduced as the angel Metatron, but it's season 8's penultimate episode "Clip Show' that holds the most fascinating casting of all.

Zap2It reports that actress Taylor Cole will return for 'Supernatural' season 8's penultimate episode 'Clip Show,' despite her character Sarah Blake not being seen since season 1 episode "Provenance." There, Sam and Dean aided the young woman after she accidentally sold a haunted painting, Sam striking up a brief interest with Sarah.

With a name like "Clip Show" it remains to be seen if the episode will play with time at all, or perhaps feature the character in the present narrative, but to date Cole represents the longest returned absence from the series of any character from the series.

You can check out a photo of Cole reunited with 'Supernatural' stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles below, and give us your theories for that "Clip Show" will bring in the comments!

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