That was fast! Just as fans were recently delighted to see geek goddess Felicia Day reprise her 'Supernatural' role of Charlie Bradbury in last week's "LARP and the Real Girl," so too will they be excited to learn that the network has announced yet another return appearance for the 'Guild' star. Felicia Day will appear to the Winchester brothers once more before the season is out, but what could put the techno-savvy geek in harm's way this time? Could she perhaps be the source of the trouble? Find out what brings Felicia Day back to 'Supernatural' inside!

Accepting Sam and Dean Winchester back into her life may have been the worst mistake Felicia Day's hacker character Charlie Bradbury ever made, but not one we'll begrudge her for. After her recent reprisal in last week's "LARP and the Real Girl," Felicia Day has again been announced to guest in the series toward the end of the season.

This time around, The CW says that Day's character will instead bring a case to the Winchester brothers, having recently accepted the inherent dangers of being associated with them. Following Day's first appearance in season 7 episode "The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo," the character had sworn off the brothers and their penchant for literally dragging hell with them.

Well, what say you? Are you happy to have Felicia Day back for another go on 'Supernatural'? Could her sudden reappearance bode ill for the character? Tell us what you want to see from 'Supernatural' season 8 in the comments!