We've less than a week before 'Supernatural' returns from a brief hiatus for March 20 episode "Goodbye Stranger," which will dive head first into the angel and demon mythology that has been largely missing in recent episodes. The "unholy trio" of Meg, Castiel and Crowley will make their grand return in a race to discover the remaining tablets, but where has Castiel been all this time and why have Dean's prayers gone unheeded? Find out in the latest clip from 'Supernatural's' Wednesday episode "Goodbye Stranger"!

We've only a handful of episodes left before 'Supernatural' leaves us with another jaw-dropping season finale, but recent episodes haven't given many clues into the over-arching season 8 story of Castiel and his mysterious new angel benefactors. "Goodbye Stranger" will see the angel return in search of the latest piece from the mysterious tablets, combating a number of demons in the process, but will Naomi (Amanda Tapping) prove the real threat?

The CW has released a new clip from Wednesdays episode of Castiel united with the Winchesters once more, but as we see from the footage, Naomi still has plenty of influence on the renegade angel, unbeknownst to the two brothers. How Meg (Rachel Miner) fits in is anyone's guess, but Castiel might have to get brutal in his own right to find the necessary information.

What say you? Do you think Sam and Dean will survive the season and banish Crowley's demons from the Earth? Watch the latest clip from Wednesday's "Goodbye Stranger"