There are only three episodes left in 'Supernatural's current season, with no confirmation on a deal for an eighth in place, so isn't it high time things kicked into gear?  No more of these ghostly stand-alones, but rather full-on angels and demons slugging it out with the slimy, ravenous Leviathans?  The latest look at upcoming 'Supernatural' episode "Reading is Fundamental" certainly isn't taking itself that seriously...

Airing this Friday night at 9:00 p.m. on The CW, 'Supernatural' season 7 finally gets down to brass tax as Castiel (Misha Collins) awakens from his comatose state, and a boy struck by lightning becomes a reluctant prophet and potential aid to Sam and Dean in fighting the Leviathans.  However, two deadly archangels are on the trail of the boy as well, so the Winchesters turn to Castiel and his demon overseer Meg in order to save the day, but is Castiel up to the task?

When last we left Castiel in 'The Born-Again Identity,' the fallen angel has recovered his memories, and absorbed the hellish visions of Lucifer from Sam, in the process lapsing into his comatose state.  So what's Castiel been up to all this time?  Farting!  Say what you will about angels, they at least keep a sense of humor.

Check out the latest clip from 'Supernatural's "Reading is Fundamental," and be sure to watch the episode this Friday until we know for sure that Sam and Dean will be back for an eighth season!  How do you think season seven will end, and has it been worth it for 'Supernatural' to carry on past its ever-changing show-runners?  Give us your take after the clip!