'Supernatural' may have taken itself a little break this week, but Thanksgiving and Black Friday are probably cause for enough bloodshed already.  Next week however, the boys are back in town with Castiel in tow as they investigate a brand new case for "Hunteri Heroici," a madcap cartoon-based hour we're not likely to forget any time soon.  Castiel seems mostly back to his old self, but how does he fair as a fellow hunter?  Check out the latest clip from next Sunday's all-new 'Supernatural' to find out!

Hitting one another with frying pans?  Death via over-sized anvil?  Those sure don't seem like our usual 'Supernatural' fare, but next Wednesday's "Hunteri Heroici" will have us all singing a different tune.  "Hunteri Heroici will see the recovered angel Castiel (Misha Collins) teaming up with the Winchester brothers once more as they investigate a series of bizarre deaths, but does the angel have what it takes to get a confession out of a suspect?

The first clip from "Hunteri Heroici" sees Castiel leading the charge into the bizarre series of deaths, but as usual, his people skills leave something to be desired.  Will the brothers still manage to solve the case?  What of Castiel's new bosses, or the wayward Word of God tablets?

Check out the latest clip from Wednesday's all-new 'Supernatural' episode "Hunteri Heroici," and give us your predictions in the comments!