'Supernatural's' Sam and Dean Winchester are no strangers to dealing with gods of a dozen religions, but next week's "Remember the Titans" might finally leave them with their hands full. The boys will encounter a mysterious man who seems to die and resurrect with alarming regularity, but is there a deeper story to the man's life cycle? Could he have his own secret identity among the gods? Check out a preview clip from "Remember the Titans" for a clue inside!

After last night's all-new 'Supernatural' episode "Man's Best Friend with Benefits" took Sam and Dean to the dogs, next week's "Remember the Titans" will flip things around a bit as the brothers Winchester come face to face with the gods! More than the angels and demons they've faced of late, the gods of Greek legend will appear when Sam and Dean investigate a mysterious case involving an amnesiac man with an unusual habit of dying.

From The CW's official press release, spoilers be warned:

GODS VS. ZOMBIES — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are stumped when they investigate a possible zombie case where an amnesiac man (guest star John Reardon) dies and then revives himself once a day. After the guy is attacked by the goddess Artemis (guest star Anna Von Hooft), Sam and Dean realize he’s not a zombie but instead a god, more specifically, Prometheus.

The CW has released the first clip from "Remember the Titans," in which Dean makes one of his rare pop culture references with regard to the resurrected man, one that goes sadly unrecognized. Check out a preview of next week's all-new 'Supernatural' below, and give us your predictions for the season in the comments!