‘Supernatural’ season 7 rolls the 20-sided die with of  its twentieth episode of the season, as Sam and Dean enlist the help of a geeky female hacker in an effort to learn what Dick Roman is up to, while Bobby tags along against the wishes of the boys.

Last time’s ‘Supernatural’ “Of Grave Importance” saw Bobby struggling to adjust to his new ghostly existence alongside fellow hunter Annie, while the boys investigated a series of murders, so what will the latest episode bring?  Like, is Castiel still in the nuthouse, or what?  So many plots to resolve!

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Supernatural’ “The Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo!”

At Bobby’s cabin, the boys still can’t make heads or tails of all of Dick Roman’s dig sites, when Bobby appears to lay out the plans he learned before his unfortunate…”Lincoln-ing.”  Apparently Dick wants to go 'Soylent Green' on everybody, fatten up the human race and cure it of all disease, for the sole purpose of devouring it, systematically, putting Leviathans at the top of the food chain.  As they work, they receive an email from the supposedly deceased Frank meaning that someone (hey, Felicia Day!) is attempting to hack into a hard drive containing all of Sam and Dean’s information.  And where else would this key hard drive be located?  Why, in the friggin' Death Star, Roman’s own company of course!

Five hours earlier, we meet Charlene Bradbury (the lovely nerd goddess Day), a rather geeky computer programmer who maintains a double life as an altruistic hacker.  Her efforts catch the eye of Dick Roman himself, who promises not to turn her in or fire her if she manages to crack the contents of Frank’s hard drive. With the “Eye of Sauron” on her, Charlie gets to work, but finds herself blocked at every turn.  Nice try, Zero Charisma.

Jumping back to the boys, Sam and Dean make plans to travel to Chicago, but are wary of involving Bobby, who might “go vengeful” on Dick and fall prey to that which turns all ghosts malevolent.  The next morning, Charlie finds that she’s finally been granted access to the drive, finding all the pertinent info on Leviathans, the boys and Roman’s plans.  She rushes to tell her supervisor Pete, only to find him being devoured by, and replaced with a Leviathan!

Charlie rushes home to flee, dodging “Pete”s calls, when Sam and Dean reveal themselves, pour borax on themselves to prove their identities, and lay out for Charlie that monsters are indeed real.  However, as Charlie has gotten herself on Dick’s radar and will need to flee anyway, they offer her the chance to help them by hacking into Dick Roman’s personal e-mail.  She reluctantly agrees to help, as Ghost Bobby observes their plotting in secret.

Sam and Dean stay behind giving instructions from a van, while Charlie herself heads into the company after hours.  The boys notice Bobby’s flask in her bag, and though Sam has to psych Charlie up with at little 'Harry Potter' talk (what a Dumbledork), she heads into the building.  A security camera loop covers her entrance to Dick Roman’s level, though she has difficulty flirting her way past a security guard, given that she…plays for another team.  Drool.  In any case, she manages to get into Dick Roman’s office (while Bobby provides a few distractions), and hack his e-mail.  While Dean dislikes being sidelined, Charlie informs them that Dick is having something special brought into the airport, which they can intercept if they hurry.  Before she can leave however, Charlie gets intercepted by Dick himself!

Unfortunately, the boys don’t manage to get there in time to intercept Dick’s package.  Yes, I really just typed that.  But it’s all a scam, as the boys really DID manage to intercept Dick’s mysterious package, swapping it out for a Borax bomb that nearly burns off Dick’s face!  The boys open the suitcase to reveal…a hunk of red clay.  Well, that’ll probably come in handy later on.  Realizing he’d been duped, Dick seals the building before Charlie can escape, but thankfully Bobby manages to weaken the surrounding glass just enough for Sam and Dean to break through.  Bobby slows the advance of Pete and Dick by using his ghost powers to angrily bat Dick around, and thankfully the group succeeds in escaping.  Grossly, Dick eats his subordinate in anger.

On the outside of a bus depot, Charlie warns the boys that they shouldn’t keep in contact, but mysteriously teases that this isn’t the first time she’s disappeared, “Charlie Bradbury” not being her real name after all.  After she’s gone, the boys note that Bobby broke her arm in the escape effort, and might be losing control of his ghostly anger, but for now should focus on figuring out what the Leviathan block of clay is all about.

Finally, back to the main season 7 plot!  It's been a long time coming, so now all we need to do is get Castiel out of the mental hospital, and take on the Leviathans full force, and maybe put some of these Bobby shenanigans to rest, and we'll have a solid season!  Oh, and who doesn't like Felicia Day?  You know we'd better see her again, and sooner rather than later.  After all, how many seasons can we really have left?

Did you get your fill of ‘Supernatural’ action?  What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for an all-new episode recap of ‘Supernatural’ spookfest “Reading is Fundamental” on The CW!

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