Eleven seasons in, Supernatural has explored its own iteration of almost every biblical mythology, even inventing its own. Its near-finale in the fifth season even hinted that one character was in fact the official “God,” a fan-favorite tease only somewhat revisited in the last few years, while Season 11's search for the Almighty himself may have a major break, now that Rob Benedict’s “Chuck” will return.

First, a minor crash-course in Supernatural lore: For all its battles between angels, demons and everything in between, “God” has long been referenced as missing, or unwilling to intervene, even as the fifth season finale (the last under its original showrunner, and the end of his initial vision) seemingly suggested the “prophet” Chuck Shurley (Benedict) was in fact God in disguise.

Benedict only returned to the series since for its 200th episode “Fan Fiction,” a nod to his character writing the in-universe “Supernatural” books that chronicle Sam and Dean’s adventures. Meanwhile, Season 11 has deliberately sought out God to battle his so-called sister “The Darkness,” convenient timing now that TVLine confirms Benedict will return as “Chuck” for the coming 20th episode.

Granted, the idea of Chuck as Supernatural‘s God has been traded freely enough in fandom that Season 11 might well swerve into a different reveal of some kind, but one wonders if Supernatural might be looking to close off some of its long-running questions, perhaps with an end to the series somewhere on the horizon.

In the meantime, no date has yet been confirmed for the 20th episode, but should we consider the most biblical of Supernatural theories confirmed?