Everyone loves time travel, particularly when those wily 'Supernatural' Winchesters are in the mix.  The show has delivered some classic chronological conundrum episodes in the past, most recently with last season's "Time After Time," but is the series already going back to the well?  Indeed, 'Supernatural' will once again play with the space-time continuum in an upcoming episode, but what's different this time?

You'd think by now Sam and Dean Winchester of 'Supernatural' would have learned their lesson to to play with time travel, but this time may not be entirely their fault.  According to Zap2It, season 8's upcoming 12th episode "As Time Goes By" will feature time travel as a plot device, though neither Sam or Dean will be making the leap.

The episode will feature a "Robert Downey Jr. meets Cary Grant" man named Henry joining an anti-demon cult in the year 1958, in the interest of protecting his young son.  Henry himself accidentally opens a rip in time to the year 2013 (when the episode likely airs), coming into contact with the Winchesters.  His entry into 2013 is followed by a "sexy, strong Katharine Hepburn type" named Josie Sands, who carries with her a secret of her own.

What say you?  Are you ready for 'Supernatural' to do a bit of time-traveling again, even if Sam and Dean aren't the ones channeling Marty McFly?  How are you enjoying the eighth season?