After eight seasons, one would think that 'Supernatural' has tackled just about every monster possible, and certainly gone meta in as many ways as it can.  Not so, now that found footage horror films are all the rage, and even hitting the box office this weekend!  'Supernatural' is the latest to get "Bitten" by the craze, and the first preview from next week's all-new installment isn't skimping on the shaky-cam, or the ridiculous reasons to be holding a camera.  Check it out inside!

Forget about 'Paranormal Activity,' it's time for 'Supernatural' activity!  The Winchester boys are about to cross into a new genre even for them (no, "Ghost Chasers" doesn't count) as a new case draws them into a found-footage horror tale in next week's "Bitten."  Certainly,  genre episode of 'Supernatural' will prove a bit more exciting than last night's "Heartache," the first return to monster-of-the-week cases following the prophet-centric episodes before it.

But as you'll see in the first clip from "Bitten" below, Sam and Dean aren't even the stars of this show!  Rather, the found footage comes from a group of local college students who film the proceedings after a mysterious death on their campus.  The video also poses the age old question, Which of the brothers would be TNT's Rizzoli, and which would be Isles?

Check out the new preview from next week's 'Supernatural' "Bitten," and give us your predictions in the comments!