We've gotten so excited for the eighth season of 'Supernatural' debuting tomorrow night on The CW with premiere episode 'We Need To Talk About Kevin, that for all the dark new territory to explore, we'd nearely forgotten just how funny the show can be!  For every demon face-muncher, or apocalypse to avert, the series is at its best with absurd time-travel and meta episodes that subvert the genre so well.  So, what crazy episodes are on deck for 'Supernatural' season 8?

Cartoons, LARPing, and 'Paranormal Activity,' oh my!  'Supernatural' has a habit of balancing its heavier episodes with plenty of pop culture play, and season 8 is no exception.  Whereas past episodes have parodies everything from 'Twilight' to 'Back to the Future,' new show-runner Jeremy Carver teased to TVLine an all-new variety of 'Supernatural' silliness on deck for season 8, in between all the angel/demon horror, of course.

For instance, one 'Supernatural' season 8 episode will see the brothers taking on life in a cartoon universe!  The brothers won't be animated, sadly, but rather deal with the ramifications of "cartoon physics" occurring in the real world.  In addition to an episode parodying live-action role-playing, most exciting of all is an episode comprised almost entirely of 'Paranormal Activity' style found footage!

Count us on board!  The new season of 'Supernatural' begins tomorrow night on The CW, so tell us what you want to see from upcoming episodes in the comments!