The Winchester brothers of 'Supernatural' have literally been to hell and back, though through it all no force so malevolent or even altruistic has come close to destroying the bonds of brotherhood between Sam and Dean.  So when 'Supernatural' season 8 premieres on October 3, where last we saw the pair separated as Dean was dragged into Purgatory, you better believe they're going to be happy to see one another again!  But as the first clip from "We Need To Talk About Kevin," proves, there are still plenty of unanswered questions...

We're just weeks away from a big move for 'Supernatural' season 8, not only by shifting the series to Wednesday nights, but reuniting the Winchester brothers after a year spent separated.  The CW has seen fit to release the first full-lengthy clip from October 3 premiere "We Need To Talk About Kevin," which sees Sam driving the old Impala to meet his brother at an abandoned cabin for the first time since his year-long stay in Purgatory.

But is all right, even after Dean has gone through the thorough tests to rule out Demon, Leviathan, Shape-shifter or otherwise?  After all, what happened to Castiel after he disappeared from Dean's sight in Purgatory?  The clip certainly paints a grim picture, but with 'Supernatural' there's always more to the story.

Check out the clip from October 3 premiere ""We Need To Talk About Kevin" below, and give us your theories on 'Supernatural' season 8 in the comments!