For as much as we've enjoyed the recent run of 'Supernatural' episodes, inlcuding found-footage effort "Bitten" and last weks familially tense episode "Blood Brother," one thing has been certain: needs more Castiel! With the advent of sweeps, everyone's favorite rogue angel Castiel (Misha Collins) will soon return to 'Supernautral,' with a different outlook on life than we remember. What else does the latest trailer for season 8 reveal?

If it were even possible, it seems things are about to get even more tense for Sam and Dean Winchester in the coming episodes of 'Supernatural.' Not only do they have Dean's new friend Benny (Ty Olsson) to come between them, but the thought-dead Castiel will soon return to their midst, having escaped from Purgatory! But what does he remember about the experience?

The latest trailer (courtesy of TVLine) also sees the renegade angel seeking a new purpose to his existence, and highlights the fellow returns of both Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and eccentric hunter Garth (DJ Qualls)! As we've seen previously, Garth seems to have taken on a new role himself, one which makes the Winchesters more than a bit uncomfortable.

Will Sam and Dean be able to work out their mutual issues with one another? Will Castiel ever be normal again? Who else is returning to the fold? All this and more in the new 'Supernatural' season 8 trailer below, so let us know what you think in the comments!