The beginning is nigh, 'Supernatural' fans!  We're just three weeks away from 'Supernatural' season 8 premiere "We Need to Talk About Kevin," and dying for new tastes of Sam and Dean Winchester's big reunion.  We know angels and demons will play a heavy part in the show's eighth (and assuredly not final) year, but what of the other supernatural forces on the sidelines.  What new creatures are thrown into the mix this time around, and who might prophet from the melee?

With 'Supernatural' set to debut its eighth season premiere "We Need to Talk About Kevin" on its new night of Wednesday, October 3, it's high time we took a look at all the photos from the premiere!  Though the new shots don't offer much in the way of Dean's time in Purgatory, we still get our first clear glimpse of Dean's vampire pal Benny, who aided his escape from the supernatural dumping ground.

Elsewhere, the new photos also showcase the return of Crowly (Mark Sheppard) and the prophet Kevin (Osric Chau), who holds the key to a new "Word of God' that just about everyone this side of Heaven and Hell want to get their hands on.  But what could this mysterious church have to do with it?

Check out the brand-new photos below, and tell us what you're looking to see from 'Supernatural' season 8 in the comments!