It's a bright day for 'Supernatural' fans and Mishamigos alike, far brighter than the day we learned star Misha Collins would step down as series regular for the show's seventh season. Now, midway through the eighth season and with a ninth confirmed on the way, Collins will once again return to series regular status, stepping behind the camera as well to direct an episode! Find out the latest on 'Supernatural' inside!

Heavenly news for 'Supernatural' fans today, as Zap2It reprorter Carina MacKenzie has confirmed that fan-favorite star Misha Collins will once again step up as series regular for the ninth season beginning fall 2013. Collins' character Castiel first appeared in the show's fourth season premiere, graduating to series regular for the fifth season.

The character had also been poised as a major season 7 antagonist, though Collins opted to reduce his appearances to recurring, and was kept off-screen for much of the season. Currently, the character has taken an active role in a season 8 arc involving a group of angels controlling him without his knowledge, though notably absent the most recent episodes.

Collins will also direct a ninth season episode, making him the second cast member from the series to step behind the camera, after lead actor Jensen Ackles.

Well, what say you? Are you excited to have Castiel and Misha Collins alike back as regulars for season 9? Where do you think 'Supernatural' season 8 will take Sam and Dean Winchester next?