While death can hardly be seen as a constant in the 'Supernatural' universe, it seems increasingly likely that Jim Beaver's Bobby Singer has muttered his last "idjit."  And while this past week's 'Supernatural' thriller "Blood Brother" left us on a pretty dark note, we're about due for something a little more lighthearted!  So when DJ Qualls returns as eccentric hunter Garth in the newest clip from next week's "Southern Comfort," does his Bobby appropriation do the trick, or have us sick to our stomachs?

Sam and Dean might be having a rough go of it after this week's all-new 'Supernatural' episode "Blood Brother," and Jim Beaver may not be returning, but at least we've got DJ Qualls' Garth coming back!    Though judging by the first clip from next week, it would seem that Dean isn't taking too kindly to Garth's usurping of the departed Bobby's role, right down to his unique vocabulary.

And when Civil War zombies start milling about, you have to wonder just how crazed things are going to get for the Winchester brothers, considering they certainly have a lot to talk about with Dean's other friend Benny.

Check out the clip from next week's "Southern Comfort" below, and tell us what you want to see from season 8 of 'Supernatural' in the comments!