Tuesday's latest 'Supernatural' installment "Alex Annie Alexis Ann" kept ho-hum with a bit of vampiric business, but next week's "Bloodlines" will pick things up as Sam and Dean head to Chicago to prep a shapeshifter spinoff in Chicago. Find out it 'Supernatural' has what it takes to reproduce in the first trailer for the potential spinoff: 'Supernatural: Bloodlines'!

Debuting as an ordinary tag with the latest 'Supernatural' installment (and borrowing music from the latest 'Orange is the New Black' season 2 trailer), 'Bloodlines' focuses on Ennis Roth (Lucien Laviscount), who puts his police academy training to use as a monster hunter after his fiancée is killed in the crossfire of the monster war dominating Chicago. Elsewhere, Melissa Roxburgh plays leading lady Violet Durant in the backdoor spinoff pilot, a member of the powerful werewolf pack who hides her true nature because of her forbidden love for family rival David (‘The Vampire Diaries‘ alum Nathan Buzulic).

Also cast in ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’ is Danielle Savre as Margo, the acting head of the shapeshifter Hayden family, an ex-punk rocker-turned-corporate professional who feels threatened only by the return of her brother David. Stephen Martines will play Detective Freddie Costa, a world-weary Chicago cop who acts as a mentor to leading man Ennis, but is also on the payroll of one of the powerful monster families. Finally, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Sean Faris will take the role of Julian Durant, the “savagely handsome, strong, arrogant” twenty-something brother of Violet, and nemesis to Ennis.

‘Supernatural’ writer Andrew Dabb wrote the script, executive producing alongside Eric Kripke, Robert Singer, showrunner Jeremy Carver and McG. Take a look at 'Bloodlines' in the trailer above, and tell us in the comments if you think the 'Supernatural' spinoff has what it takes to stand on its own!