Those who caught last night's all-new 'Supernatural' episode "As Time Goes By" were sure in for a bit of revelation, as the Winchester boys' interaction with their time-displaced grandfather Henry (Gil McKinney) revealed the existence of the "Men of Letters," brainy counterpoints to the brutish hunters that Sam and Dean would have been trained in had Henry not disappeared from 1958. The revelation opens up quite a bit for 'Supernatural' going forward, but what does executive producer Bob Singer have to say? What will change about the 'Supernatural' operation in the future?

'Supernatural's' Sam and Dean Winchester have long been known for leading a nomadic lifestyle, but that may all change following the discovery of the "Men of Letters" in last night's "As Time Goes By," as well as a secret bunker of supernatural materials they once kept. Given last night's episode saw the key left in Sam and Dean's hands, executive producer Bob Singer told reporters that the soon-to-be-found facility will serve as a base of sorts for the brothers.

"It’s a really stunning set, it’s full of mysteries," says Singer. "After eight years of never having a home base, this will be home base for quite some time." The boys will be none-too-eager to share their new base with fellow hunters, given the secrecy inherent in the "Men of Letters," but the new location will prove quite useful going forward.

It’s got every source of information that would be interesting to the boys...[Sam] is totally immersed in the place, and Dean’s just happy to have his own room. He’s put posters up. He says to Sam, ‘If you want to do this geek stuff, that’s fine with me. But I’m just digging this.’

Singer also revealed a number of additional tidbits for the season going forward, notably that the series would no longer rely on any of the flashbacks to either Dean's time in Purgatory or Sam's time with Amelia (Liane Balaban) in between seasons, though the characters would still be revisited. Dean's vampire pal Benny (Ty Olsson) will indeed return to have a more conclusive resolution than Dean's phone call, while the writers were working on ways to have Amelia return before the end of the season as well.

The "Word of God" tablet story will soon pick up as well, but the brothers will shortly find themselves embroidered in new conflict “for a different kind of reason, for something that they didn’t see coming. Really starting next week, that thing will carry through to the end of the year.”

Well, what say you? Do you think 'Supernatural' opened up a can of worms after last night's reveals? What do you think Sam and Dean will conflict over next as they look to recover the tablets? Check out a preview for next week's "Everybody Hates Hitler" below, and give us your 'Supernatural' predictions in the comments!