Though Syfy's upcoming Ron Moore project, 'Helix,' only last week announced its leading actor to be 'The Killing' vet Billy Campbell, the series still managed to hold its own Comic-Con 2013 panel and deliver a horrifying new sizzle reel in advance of the official production! So, what can we gleam about 'Helix' from the first full teaser trailer?

This latest 'Helix' sneak peek combines a bit of footage from the existing trailers in highlighting a containment breach at a crystalline-white science facility, this time adding a gaggle of dead scientists, and teasing an oozy black figure hiding within the events, watching one of the men choke to death.

As first revealed with Campbell's casting, 'Helix' will follow the leading role of Dr. Alan Farragut, an emotionally troubled CDC pathologist. Farragut has recently endured and continues to get over a failed marriage, wherein his wife had an affair with his brother, the same brother who now needs his help after becoming infected with a deadly disease.

Produced by Sony Pictures TV, directed by David Slade (‘Hannibal,’ ‘Breaking Bad‘) and written by Cameron Porsandeh, Moore’s ‘Helix’ generally follows a team of scientists investigating a possible disease outbreak at an Arctic research facility who find themselves trying to protect the world from annihilation. Under showrunner Steven Maeda (‘LOST,’ ‘CSI: Miami’) the series will start production this summer for a likely late 2013 debut.

You can check out the first official teaser trailer for 'Helix' above, and tell us in the comments if you're interested to see what sci-fi Ron Moore has in store for Syfy this time around!

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