The winter weather all along the coast has made things feel especially claustrophobic, so what better time for some similarly snow-fallen Syfy scares? 'Battlestar Galactica' creator Ron Moore's diseased new horror thriller 'Helix' will arrive on January 10, but you can watch the creepy first 15 minutes of the premiere right now!

Written by Cameron Porsandeh, Moore’s ‘Helix’ follows a team of scientists investigating a possible disease outbreak at an Arctic research facility who find themselves trying to protect the world from annihilation. Under showrunner Steven Maeda (‘LOST,’ ‘CSI: Miami’) the series stars ‘The Killing‘ vet Billy Campbell as emotionally troubled CDC pathologist Dr. Alan Farragut, Hiroyuki Sanada (‘The Wolverine,’ ‘LOST‘) as the mastermind in charge of the top-secret arctic research, along with Kyra Zagorsky as Walker, Farragut’s estranged wife.

The first fifteen minutes of the new Syfy series jump around in time a bit, using a few unorthodox musical cues to strike a unique tone among all the disgusting visuals, even sneaking in a few 'Battlestar' references along the way. For the most part, ‘Helix’ follows the leading role of Dr. Alan Farragut (Campbell), an emotionally troubled CDC pathologist with a failed marriage, wherein his wife had an affair with his brother, who now needs his help after becoming infected with a mysterious and deadly disease.

Check out the first 15 minutes of Syfy's scary new 'Helix' above, and tell us if you'll tune in for the January 10 double premiere!

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