We've paid careful attention to the upcoming release of 'Battlestar Galactica' creator Ron Moore's new Syfy venture 'Helix,' which looks much more in line with 'The Thing' and '28 Days Later' than anything extremely sci-fi. The latest heart-pounding trailer has arrived, along with a creepy brand-new poster for the effort!

Written by Cameron Porsandeh, Moore’s ‘Helix’ follows a team of scientists investigating a possible disease outbreak at an Arctic research facility who find themselves trying to protect the world from annihilation. Under showrunner Steven Maeda (‘LOST,’ ‘CSI: Miami’) the series stars ‘The Killing‘ vet Billy Campbell as emotionally troubled CDC pathologist Dr. Alan Farragut, Hiroyuki Sanada (‘The Wolverine,’ ‘LOST‘) as the mastermind in charge of the top-secret arctic research, along with Kyra Zagorsky as Walker, Farragut's estranged wife.

TVGuide debuted the creepy and stylistic new poster below, while the latest trailer focuses much more on the outbreak portion of the drama than the conspiracy elements that dominated the first sneak peek. The series will officially premiere on January 10, so take a look at the latest wares from Ron Moore's 'Helix,' and tell us in the comments if you'll catch Syfy's new infection!

Syfy Ron Moore Helix Poster

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