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‘Hostiles’ Trailer: Christian Bale Crosses the Violent West
Oh boy. Hostiles looks like the kind of movie where you walk out of the theater and immediately cancel your plans for the rest of the day because there’s no way in hell you can interact with society after seeing something that heavy. That’s definitely the impression we’re getting from the first trailer for the latest film from Scott Cooper. The director of Black Mass and Out of the Furnace reunites with Christian Bale (who starred in the latter) for the new western, which recently impressed critics at Telluride.
‘Hell or High Water’ Cast Reteaming for ‘Outlaw King’
It’s always fortuitous when a director and stars who made a great movie decide they’d love to all work together to make another one. Such is the case with Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and David Mackenzie, whose fantastic western homage Hell or High Water was a Best Picture nominee last year. The three have decided to reteam, this time with Netflix, for Outlaw King, which, by the title, sounds like it could be very similar to Hell or High Water. It’s anything but.
‘Inferno’ Review: Tom Hanks Saves the World. Any Questions?
Inferno marks the third movie from director Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks based on the popular novels by Dan Brown about Harvard professor and symbologist Robert Langdon. They’re all vary degrees of bad — and Inferno is easily the worst of the bunch — but what’s particularly galling about this franchise are the years Howard and Hanks, two of our most dependable filmmakers, have wasted on it. Together they’ve made Splash and Apollo 13; separately their credits include Cinderella Man, The Paper, Saving Private Ryan, Captain Phillips and so many others. How many great movies could they have made, as a team or as individuals, if they hadn’t committed their talents to these cruddy thrillers?
‘Hell or High Water’ Is One of the Best Movies of a Bad Summer Season
The road signs in Hell or High Water kept catching my eye. They’re like a Greek chorus, commenting on the action in the foreground of the film. During the opening sequence, the robbery of a small Texas bank, the camera pans across the front of a Goodyear Tire Shop, essentially mocking the two brothers carrying out the robbery. (Their mother has just died and they’ve turned to crime to make ends meet.) A few moments later they drive past a “Closing Down” billboard, and there are also signs advertising “Debt Relief,” “Pass With Care,” and “Fast Cash,” all tempting (or perhaps taunting) these two men as they engineer a crime wave in West Texas.
‘Warcraft’ Trailer: Fight Together, Die Together
If you found yourself a little underwhelmed by the previous Warcraft trailer, the latest one is definitely more action-centric, offering plenty of new footage and lots of that crazy fantastical magic-and-creatures-and-orcs business that made the original game series so popular. And if that doesn’t sound like your cup of mead or whatever, then this new trailer probably won’t sway you.
‘Warcraft’ Trailer Readies for an Epic Battle
Let’s take a break from Batman and Superman for another epic battle — the Alliance vs. the Horde, aka Warcraft. The international trailer for Duncan Jones’ adaptation of the hit MMORPG has arrived, bringing lots of new footage as the two factions prepare for all-out war, and two races unite to protect their future. Orcs and humans fighting together, mass hysteria, etc.
‘Warcraft’ TV Spot Debuts Epic New Footage
In the midst of our excitement for all the new superhero movies hitting theaters this year, it’s easy to forget another major blockbuster: Warcraft. The latest TV spot for Duncan Jones’ adaptation of the hit game is action-packed and features some new footage, and while we’re still a bit skeptical of how successfully the series will translate to the big screen, one thing is for certain: at least it looks interesting.
Tom Hanks’ Robert Langdon Returns in First ‘Inferno’ Images
It’s been six years since Angels and Demons, Ron Howard’s sequel to The Da Vinci Code, the mystery thriller based on Dan Brown’s best-selling novel. You might want to grab your parents for this one, because we have our first look at Inferno, the third film in the series featuring dad-hero Tom Hanks reprising his role as Robert Langdon along with a few new faces.
‘Warcraft’ TV Spot Rallies Some New Footage
Director Duncan Jones dedicated a long time to Warcraft, the upcoming film based on the wildly popular MMORPG. Whether he successfully adapted the long-running PC game into a worthwhile movie remains to be seen, and following last week’s reveal of the first official teaser trailer comes some additional footage via an international TV spot which highlights the film’s interesting species and epic landscapes in short bursts.

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