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MTV 'Shannara Chronicles' Moving to Spike for Season 2
There’s no two ways around the fact that MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles was an expensive series, and not precisely the breakout hit to justify it. MTV and Viacom are doing some restructuring of their own, and it now seems that Shannara will move to Spike for its second season this fall.
'Arrow' Season 5 Finale Synopsis Teases Big 'Lian Yu' Battle
Arrow may have played up some confusion as to whether Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke would return for Season 5’s finale, but the truth is far grander. Our first “Lian Yu” finale synopsis not only confirms Bennett’s return, but also all-out DC warfare between Deathstroke, Prometheus, Captain Boomerang, the Al Ghul sisters and more.
'Arrow' Deathstroke Manu Bennett Reacts to Joe Manganiello
More and more, TV and film actors of the DC universe have been able to appreciate one another’s shared roles. We’ve seen one Flash digging another’s costume, and now Arrow star Manu Bennett weighs in on Joe Manganiello taking the role of Deathstroke to the big screen for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie.
'Arrow' Season 4 Returning Deathstroke for an Episode?
Seasons 3 and 4 of Arrow have conspicuously scuttled off any and all characters related to DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad, to the point several past figures have been referred to as “off the table.” Now, Season 4 might surprisingly return one of the series’ biggest antagonists, however briefly.
MTV's 'The Shannara Chronicles' Summons a Season 2 Order
It’s been some time since the first season of MTV’s long-brewing Shannara Chronicles series wrapped up its first fantastical season, and given the hefty production involved, renewal took time. Still, the highly-acclaimed fantasy series has officially confirmed its Season 2 order, delving further into the Terry Brooks world.

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