Seasons 3 and 4 of Arrow have conspicuously scuttled off any and all characters related to DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad, to the point several past figures have been referred to as “off the table.” Now, Season 4 might surprisingly return one of the series’ biggest antagonists, however briefly.

You’re warned of minor spoilers from here on out, but where Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke once served as the CW series’ greatest villain, the character was only granted a brief return in Season 3, and out of costume at that, reportedly owing to David Ayer’s Suicide Squad earmarking Deathstroke for future use. Fans got to see a modified legacy take on the character from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but according to a leaked Australian promo of Wednesday’s “Genesis,” we may see a fully-costumed Slade Wilson once again.

Photos from the hour (as well context from “Canary Cry”) seemingly place Oliver and Felicity back on Lian Yu (the formal wear is anyone’s guess), though it remains to be seen if the appearance of Deathstroke represents a hallucination/projection, or the man himself, escaped from the island prison.

Additionally, it remains unclear if Manu Bennett would reprise his role for the appearance, physically or in voiceover. Previously, Stephen Amell suggested Arrow to have something “missing” from the show without Bennett’s characterization, though that hasn’t stopped Season 5 from setting its sights on a new charismatic big bad.

We’ll find out for ourselves with Wednesday’s “Genesis,” but in what capacity might Deathstroke return to Arrow, given all the purported red tape?

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