Far and away, Arrow’s must curious case has been the absence of Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke; often considered the series’ greatest villain. Both Bennett and his masked alter-ego have appeared separately since Season 2, but will finally be reunited in Season 5, according to Stephen Amell.

The Arrow star welcomed Bennett back over Twitter, albeit without any indication of what brings Slade Wilson back to the fold. Bennett hasn’t appeared on Arrow since a one-off, un-costumed return in Season 3, though a non-speaking Deathstroke appeared as recently as the 100th episode.

From the sound of it, Bennett will appear in the Season 5 finale (executive producer Marc Guggenheim mislabeled it the sixth at first):

Arrow bosses previously claimed Deathstroke was earmarked for another DC project, long before Joe Manganiello was announced to play the character in a solo Batman film. That prospect has since become a bit iffy, though it remains unclear if Bennett’s return has any correlation.

Amell certainly thought Arrow had lost something without Manu Bennett, but what brings Deathstroke and/or Slade Wilson back to present-day? Do “desperate times” call for a team-up against Prometheus?

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