You might think you know the story of Peter Pan, in which a magical young boy saves Neverland from the evil of Christopher Walken. But that begs the question: Just how did that magical young boy become Peter Pan? And who taught Christopher Walken to talk like that? Who ran Neverland before Captain Hook? And did he dress like a absolute crazy person?

All of these ultra-important questions will be answered by ‘Pan,’ director Joe Wright’s new origin story for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys and the whole Neverland clan (Suggested alternate title: ‘Panman Begins.’) Hugh Jackman plays Blackbeard, a pirate who kidnaps orphans like Peter (Levi Miller), and brings them to Neverland. In this version, the young Captain Hook (who does not yet have a hook for a hand, because foreshadowing) is Peter’s ally against Blackbeard (and is played by ‘Tron Legacy’’s Garrett Hedlund).

The trailer certainly boasts some fanciful images, but those costume designs are going to take some getting used to. Good thing we’ve got some time to do that; ‘Pan’ doesn’t open until July 17, 2015.

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