The trailers and images from Joe Wright’s Pan haven’t exactly inspired confidence in the upcoming prequel/origin story of everyone’s favorite lost boy (sorry, Kiefer Sutherland). Just about the only promising aspect is the involvement of Wright, who has a pretty great track record with previous films like Hanna and Atonement. But now Warner Bros. is giving us a little more time to get excited for the film by pushing the release date back by five months.

Okay, so maybe Hugh Jackman’s wacky Blackbeard and his even wackier hair seem pretty exciting — in the Eddie Redmayne in Jupiter Ascending way, at least. But according to Deadline, we’ll now have five more months of marketing to try and stir up some genuine anticipation for Pan, which was originally scheduled for a July 24 release date. Warner Bros. has given the film the new release date of October 9, removing it from the middle of summer blockbuster season, where it probably wouldn’t fare well up against fellow July releases like Marvel’s Ant-Man, Trainwreck and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

Pan was set to open up against Paper Towns (based on the novel by the author of The Fault in Our Stars) and the video game-centric Pixels starring Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage. The film will now open up against Halle Berry thriller Kidnap and Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs.

Pan also stars newcomer Levi Miller in the titular role of a young Peter Pan, along with Garrett Hedlund as a pre-evil Captain Hook and Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily.